Donations – Special Events

The XA Project extends a special “Thank You” to those who wish to make a tax-deductible donation in honor of a special event!

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1) First, please tell us who you are and what event you are attending (e.g., Daria’s Bat Mitzvah, Mia’s Birthday,  Frank’s Marathon, The XA Project Benefit Concert). We will be sure to let the special event organizers know.

Fill out my online form.

2) Next, make your donation using the following PayPal Button*

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*You can also note your special event donation on PayPal in the following text field if you wish. [You will see the following on page 2 of PayPal] (Sample box only)

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3) Alternatively, you can send a donation/check to:

The XA Project, P.O. Box 4089, Rockville, Maryland 20849-4089


Thank You for Supporting The XA Project!